Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Press release 05/04/06 re: EC actions on Valencia from Michael Cashman MEP ( CE contra LUV) 

 MEDIA RELEASE  (from Brussels)
Michael Cashman is "delighted" to hear that the European Commission has just published a new decision declaring that it remains unsatisfied that a new law (the LUV law) in the Valencia region of Spain fails to comply with European law. As First Vice Chair of the Petition's committee Michael Cashman has been leading the European Parliament's charge against the Spanish region where thousands of residents, including many Brits, have seen their dreams turn into nightmares.
"A law in the region is being abused and people are being exploited" explains Michael, who headed a European Parliament mission to the region to investigate in May 2005. "Essentially, an untransparent and complicated law is being exploited by unscrupulous businesses and officials in Valencia resulting in people having to pay fines or even losing their land and homes" continued Michael.
"We in the European Parliament have been vigorously defending the rights of citizens of all nationalities who have been affected by these abuses. I am delighted that after careful consideration and analysis of the new law adopted in Valencia - a law specifically to address the 'land grab' problems - the European Commission agrees with the European Parliament that breaches of EC law are still taking place".
The right to own property is a basic human right which many people in Valencia are being unfairly deprived of. The Spanish national and regional governments must respect its commitments under European and international law. 
"I remain fully committed to seeing that justice is done for the resident's of the Valencia region and that the law is amended so that these abuses end once and for all". "The European Commission can ultimately force Spain to amend its law through a case before the European Court of Justice (ECJ). "We'll support the Commission every step of the way" said Michael resolutely.
For further comment please contact Michael Cashman on 0044 797 336 2811       
In December 2005 the European Parliament adopted a report on the fact finding mission to Valencia which took place in May 2005. This report made several recommendations to the Valencian government including how it could amend its law to respect EC law.
In reaction to the Parliament's and Commission's concerns of breach of EC law, the Valencian government adopted a new law (LUV law) in January 2006.
In a decision published this week, the European Commission confirms that this new law also breaches EC law. Spain risks being taken to Court by the European Commission if its laws are found to breach EC law. The European Parliament will support the Commission should it decide to take action against Spain before the ECJ.


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