Media Release 11 4 2007: EU Parliament's Petitions Committee vote on Land laws-11/04/07


EP petitions committee adopts by overwhelming majority

fact finding report on Land irregularities in Spain


Michael Cashman, member of the recent European Parliament Petitions committee delegation to Spain and co-author of the fact finding report was "delighted" by the overwhelming endorsement of the report at a meeting of the Petitions committee today in Brussels. 

After giving a long and detailed exposť on the substantial facts of the visit as outlined in the report, Michael said: 

"Ultimately, it is for the Valencian authorities to solve this problem. Despite the many personal attacks and attacks on the integrity of the European Parliament and its delegation to Spain, I remain fully committed to providing a voice to those who feel they have none". 

"EU citizens who have bought property in good faith have had their dreams turn to nightmares and their land confiscated. I'm delighted that the committee adopted the fact finding mission's report, including its recommendations. It's now up to the Valencian politicians to act and defend the basic fundamental rights of all citizens affected by land irregularities".  

Concluding, Michael stated "I am saddened that the 3 EPP members present, all Spaniards, forced a vote on this issue. Their on-going tactics does a disservice to the European Parliament, the interests of the Valencian region and all those citizens affected. The fact that they are so isolated on this issue - being were the only members present to vote against the report - speaks volumes for their attitude to this difficult issue and their unwillingness to seek a satisfactory resolution to the problems.  


EPP members present (Mr Iturgaiz, Mr Herrero-Tejedor, Mrs Gutierrez-Cortines) objected to the report and recommendations being adopted by consent. In the vote which was requested, all other political groups which were present voted in favour of the report (Socialists, Liberals, Greens, GUE, IND, UEN). The three Spanish EPP members present were the only ones to vote against. 


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