Abogado Lawyer, attorney, solicitor
Administrador de Fincas Property administrator and manager
Alcalde Mayor
Aparejador Building engineer
Arbitrio sobre el incremento del valor de terrenos Municipal tax on property sales
Arquitecto Architect
Asesor Fiscal Tax consultant and accountant
Asistencia juridical gratuita Free legal aid
Ayuntamiento Town Hall
Boletin oficial Official gazette, where laws are published
Camino real Right of way across land
Catastro Land registry, as distinct from property registry, concerned with measurements and physical description of house and land
Certificado catastral

Catastral certificate describing lands and buildings

  Inflation correction factor
Certificado de Empadronamiento  
Certificado final de obra Certificate, completion of construction
Cheque (talon) Cheque
Colegio de abogados College of Lawyers
Comisaria Police Station
Compra  Purchase
Comprador Purchasor
Consejal Town councillor
Contribuente Taxpayer
Declaracion de obra nueva Declaration of new construction
Demanda Law Suit
Demandar To sue
Denuncia Report an infraction to authorities
Diputacion Provincial legislature
Domiciliacion de pago Standing order to pay a bill
Efectivo Cash
Escritura de Compraventa Conveyance deed
Escritura publica Registered title to land
Expediente de dominio Ownership proceeding, to establish title
Factura Bill, invoice
Fianza Deposit
Finca A plot of land or property
Formulario Form, to fill out
Gestor Licensed administrative expert in Spanish procedures
Gestoria Licensed administrative office
Hoja de reclamacion Complaint form
IBI, impuesto sobre bienes inmuebles Annual real estate tax
Impuesto Tax
ITP, Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales Property transfer tax
Impuesto sobre Patrimonio Capital gains tax
Incremento de patrimonio Capital gain
IVA VAT, value added tax
Juez Judge
Juicio Judgment, action, opinion
Justiprecio Doctrine of fair price in ‘forced purchase’


Ley Law
Ley de Costas Law protecting the coast line
Ley de Tasas Law of public fees
Licencia de obra (Permiso de obra) Building license
Licencia de primera ocupacion License to occupy a dwelling
Memoria de calidades Detailed building specifications
Modelo Form, as in tax form
Multa Fine
NIE Foreigner’s tax identification number
NIF Tax identification number
Notario Public Notary
Paga extraordinaria Special payment
Paraiso fiscal Tax haven
Patrimonio Capital assets, wealth
Perito judicial Court-appointed technical expert
PGOU Municipal building plan
Plan parcial Plan to develop part of, or a whole sector
Plus valia Municipal capital gains tax
Poder Power of attorney
Portador Bearer, check made out to “cash”
Prescripcion Statute of limitations
Presupuesto Estimate
Proceso monitorio Procedure to recover debt without lawyer
Procurador Legal expert who works with lawyer
Propietario Owner, landlord
Proyecto de urbanizacion Plan to develop an urbanization
Querella Criminal charge
Reclamación Complaint
Referencia catastral

Reference # for property inscription in the Catastro

Rustico Country land, not zoned for building
Servidumbre de paso Legal right of way
Talonario Cheque book
Tasacion Valuation of property or other asset
Topografo Land surveyor
Transferencia Transfer
Urbanismo Urban development office
Valor catastral Officially rated value of property for tax

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