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AUAN Press Release – April 11,  2011

Contact: Patricia Sampson, Tel: 638323706  Email: info@almanzora-au.org     


AUAN and Helen Prior in Brussels April 14


A petition about urban planning abuse in Spain submitted to the EU Petitions Committee by the AUAN is to be heard on Thursday, the 14th of April in Brussels.  

AUAN President, Maura Hillen  has been invited to speak to the committee to put forward the case of innocent homeowners who, having bought their property in good faith, are now faced with the loss of their home without hope of compensation or who live without electricity and water or who face having to pay their developers debts.  

This, argues Mrs. Hillen, contravenes the EU Treaty and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and these laws must be respected and complied with by Spain.  

Helen Prior, whose home was demolished in 2008 by the regional government of Andalucia, will also address the committee in support of this petition. Helen and Len Prior currently live in their converted garage whist fighting for compensation through the courts.  

The committee proceedings will be broadcast live by webstream on the following link at approximately 10.30.  


Michael Cashman MEP will chair a press conference in SALLE ANNA  POLITKOVSKAYA - BRUSSELS - PHS 0A50 at 12.30.


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