Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No

Campaigning to safeguard our homes


AUAN Press release – 2nd January 2010

Contact info@almanzora-au.org     

Protest March – Almeria, Monday 11th January  

No Demolitions!

We are protesting against legal and planning uncertainty, against bad administration and corruption, against the failure to respect citizens’ human rights and against the failure of the administration to comply with European Parliament resolutions including the Auken report.


Transport to the March

Available to EVERYONE who wishes to attend. 


* €6 per person and additional donations will be gladly accepted. The money will be used to fund the buses and the legal appeal. 

Departure Times on Monday 11th January

9.30 am Dia Supermarket 

9.30 am Arboleas Town centre (Maloans Bar) 


Reserve your place by emailing   membership@almanzora-au.org 

The email should state the number of people requiring a seat and the full names of those persons travelling and whether they require Albox or Arboleas pickup.   


Payment is preferred in advance because we cannot afford to carry the cost of empty seats. Payment can be made at one of the following venues at the times stated but cash on the day would be acceptable. 

Cantoria - above CRA library  

see Bruce Hobday  

Tuesday 5th January, 11.30am - 12.30pm

Thursday 7th January, 11.30am-12.30pm 

Albox -La Parilla bar 

see Carole Maneely & Tom Jones 

Tuesday 5th, 11.30am - 12.30pm

Friday   8th 11.30am - 12.30pm 

Arboleas - Maloans bar 

see Dawn & Derick Oldfield 

Tuesday 5th 11.30am- 2.30pm

Friday  8th 11.30am-12.30pm 

Other Information

  • The march is scheduled to commence at 12 noon in Almeria.
  • Dress for walking and bring something to eat/drink.
  • The march route is approximately 1.6 km.
  • If joining the coach in Albox, please do not park you car in Dia carpark.


Disclaimer: The information provided on abusos-no.org is not intended to be legal advice,
but merely conveys general information related to issues commonly encountered.