Here we are at the yuletide and year end, so we have a small break in our activities to be with family and friends.

All of us in the management team of AUN wish you and yours all the best for this season and the years ahead. Let's hope together that 2009 will finally see the end of development abuses and related problems, such as damage to the environment. We will still have work to do to achieve this of course, and we look forward to the continuing support of our members and others who have been affected in past, Spanish and non Spanish small property owners alike.

Plus of course we expect the support we have received from some judges, the courts, the media, universities and professional associations and those politicians who share our objectives to continue.

Finally the assistance from European institutions, including the Parliament and Commission has helped and should go on helping us enormously. All this provides the fuel that keeps us running and will no doubt continue to do so as long as we are necessary as an association.

 Enjoy the Holiday Season!


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