Una reunión con Charles Svoboda, vicepresidente de AUN, sábado el 3 de mayo a las 12h en el Hotel Oasis Tropical, Marina de la Torre, Mojácar Playa

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"Property Rights and Wrongs"


Are you worried about the recent troubles in the Spanish property scene as they apply to northern Europeans? Are you concerned about those 'illegal' homes, demolitions, expropriations, 'land grabs', scams, frauds, illegal commissions, third-party mortgages and other property questions that have recently brought notoriety to Spain’s reputation? Does the apparent lack of justice, the total inertia in the judicial system and the apparent disinterest of the government make you feel impotent?

In short, do we have any champions?

Charles Svoboda, ex diplomat, board member of Ciudadanos Europeos and spokesman, founder (together with his wife Lisa) and Vice President for the influential Abusos Urbanisticos NO, is giving a talk at the Hotel Oasis Tropical (Marina de la Torre, Mojácar Playa) on Saturday 3rd May at 12 noon.

The introduction to Mr Svoboda will be made by Angel Medina, Vice Mayor of Mojácar and Secretary of the Ciudadanos Europeos de Mojácar, followed by Bob Preston, Secretary of  AUAN,  Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora – No.


All are welcome to attend



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