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1.      Adoption of draft agenda[1]                                                                               PE 404.501

                                                                                                                                FdR 714505




Approval of minutes

- 23 - 24  January  2008


- 29  January  2008




PE 400.624

FdR 705943


PE 402.498

FdR 707156



3.      Chairman's announcements


4.      Any other business



In the presence of the European Commission



A.     Petitions for discussion in committee on the basis of the Commission's written reply










Report on the deliberations of the Committee on Petitions - Citizen's petitions during the year 2007                              (2008/2028 (INI))

Rapporteur :  HAMMERSTEIN     (Verts/ALE)

- further exchange of views



FdR  PR/





N°  170/2006 by Pedro Pablo Herrero Ruiz (Spanish), bearing 652 signatures, concerning the widening of the M-501 in Spain


PE 382.494/REV. II

FdR 713608




N°  504/2004 by Inés Sabanés Nadal (Spanish), on behalf of the Madrid Municipal Izquierda Unida, on the environmental impacts of proposed work on the M30 motorway in Madrid</Titre>

<Titre>N°  788/2005 by Belen Gómez Alfonso (Spanish), on behalf of the 'Afectados Nudo Sur', concerning the environmental impact of the M30 motorway in Madrid</Titre>

<Titre>N°  838/2005 by Samuel Martin-Sosa Rodriguez (Spanish) on behalf of 'Ecologists in Action', concerning the environmental impact of projected work on the M30 motorway in Madrid


PE 378.561/REV. IV

FdR 713565



Free movement





N°  446/2007 by Harry Shindler (British), on the right of British citizens living abroad to vote in national parliamentary elections


PE 400.359

FdR 702270



Wednesday,  2  April  2008 



at 15h.        (in room  ASP A3E-2   !!! )


Discrimination  (Latvia)




N°  104/2007 </NPET> by X. ('non-citizen' in Latvia) concerning discrimination against 'non-citizens' in Latvia <NPET>


FdR DV / PETI20080401_sir104-07_E




N°  121/2007 by Genadijs Samusenko (Russian), on alleged discrimination against a Russian-language-speaking minority in the State school system in the city of Liepaja (Latvia)


PE 398.595

FdR 699473




N°  1263/2007  by Natalja Jolkina and others on the situation of stateless national minorities in Latvia






"Landlaw"  (Spain)




N°  609/2003 by Charles Svoboda (Canadian) on behalf of the ‘Valencian Association for the Defence of Human Rights and the Environment against Irregularities in the field of Property Development’, on the abuse of Spanish building legislation


N°  985/2002 by Bärbel and Uwe Kubitz (German) concerning dual taxation for his house and property in Javea (Spain)


N°  1112/2002 by Roger Ranger (British),on behalf of 'Grupo Accion de Pinomar', on the questionable action of the local Town Council of Javea, Alicante, regarding the urbanisation of Pinomar


N°  732/2003 by Sonia Gale (British) on behalf of ‘Abusos Urbanisticos No’, on the abuse of Spanish building legislation


N°  1129/2003 by Ulla-Britta Perret Lundberg (Swedish) on behalf of the 'Los Almendros' citizens' action group,  concerning irregularities in connection with the urban planning laws (LRAU) of the Valencian Autonomous Community in Spain


 107/2004 by Klaus Schuckall (German) on behalf of  "Grupo Alemán: the German ‘Stop LRAU’ movement", on the Autonomous Community of Valencia’s law regulating construction and development


N°  926/2004 by Valerie Stoddart (British) concerning the use of EU funds in Spain, in connection with the Valencian Urban Development Law (LRAU)


N°  926/2004 by Clare and Ivan Brightmore (British) concerning the loss of part of their property in Benidorm under the Valencian Urban Development Law (LRAU)


N°  470/2005 by Juan José Salvador Tena and Manuel Gozalbo Albert (Spanish), on behalf of the Benicàssim Residents’ Association, concerning the improper implementation of the municipal development law (LRAU) in Benicàssim in Valencia


N°  535/2005 by Ann Oltra (British), on a large private property development in Spain


N°  566/2005 by Friedbert Schiener (German), on the loss of plots of land as a result of a Spanish Urban Development Act (LRAU)



N°  875/2005 by Nieves Sánchez Quilis and Joan Josep Baudes i Llistó (Spanish), on behalf of ‘Esquerra Unida Paìs Valenciana’ and ‘Bloc Nacionalista Valencià’, on the ‘El Manisero’ urban development project in Betera, Valencia, in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Urban Development Law (LRAU)


N°  877/2005 by Bernat Garcia i Sevilla (Spanish), on behalf o f the ‘Plataforma Salvem Porxinos’ citizens’ action group, on alleged infringement of EU environmental and public procurement legislation by the Riba-roja company in Túria (Valencia)


N°  895/2005 by Michael Belzner (German), on behalf of his cousin Judith Belzner, concerning expropriation of property in Catalonia through alleged forgery



N°  250/2005 by Josefa and José Sanmartín García (Spanish), on abuse of Spanish building legislation (LRAU) in the region of Valencia in the ‘Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja’ wildlife park



N°  254/2006</NPET> by Angel González Pérez (Spanish), on behalf of the 'Salvem La Casella' citizens action group, bearing 15 000 signatures, protesting against three urban development projects in Valencia



N°  906/2006 by Leonardo Schmitt (resident in Spain), on the abuses of property rights by Valencian local authorities and disproportionate urban development in the region



N°  964/2006 by Juan Carlos Roy Alfonso  (Spanish), on behalf of 'Platforma Salvem Catarroja', with 3200 signatures, on irregularities in the adoption of the Proyecto de Actuación Integrada (PAI) Nou Mil-lenni for Catarroja (Communidad de Valencia, Spain)



N°  163/2007 by Gertrud Vera Wöbse (German), on the new urban development law in Valencia (LUV)



N°  164/2007 by Enrique Clement (Spanish) and Hubert Vockensperger (German), on behalf of "Abusos Urbanisticos No”, on violation of EU legislation in connection with urban development programmes in Spain



N°  616/2007 by Mr Manuel Blanco Pérez (Spanish), on behalf of "Defensores del Parque Natural de la Albufera de Valencia", on the impact of the Integrated Action Plans (PAI) on the Albufera Natural Park


PE 341.524/REV.

FdR 650375




























































PE 374.197/REV.

FdR 667446




PE 386.621

FdR 660017




PE 392.325

FdR 679823




PE 394.275

FdR 687629




PE 398.511

FdR 698766



PE 396.627

FdR 691394




PE 402.637

FdR 708918





N°  443/2006 by Mr. Michael and Mrs. Maureen Marsh  (British), on the expropriation of their land in Albatera (Alicante, Spain) under the Valencian Land Law (LRAU)



N°  811/2006 by Pedro Antonio Luna Tudela (Spanish), on legal dispute with the local authorities in Javea (Alicante, Spain) over the building of their house



N°  16/2007</NPET> by Ms Sophia Vilchez Lopez (Spanish), on behalf of Asociacion de Vecinos Coproprietarios, on unreasonable urban development planning in Tibi (Alicante)



N°  17/2007 by Mr Manuel Gómez Costa (Spanish), on behalf of Asociacion de vecinos 'San Miguel Arcangel', on the detrimental impact of the implementation of the urban development plan for San Miguel de Salinas



N°  56/2007</NPET> by Jesús Pons Vidal (Spanish), on behalf of Associació per a la protecció mediambiental de l’Atzúbia GELIBRE, on unreasonable urbanization in Adsubia (Alicante) and potential detrimental impact on the protected area Marjal Pego -Oliva



N°  70/2007 by Asociacion de Vecinos de Hondón de las Nieves (Spanish), on excessive urbanisation and potential detrimental impact on the environment in Hondón de las Nieves (Alicante)


N°  124/2007</NPET> by Stewart Muir and Joyce Robson (British), on excessive urbanisation in Monóvar (Alicante) and alleged infringements of EC legislation on public access to information and public procurement


PE 392.308

FdR 679806




PE 390.351

FdR 667833




PE 398.578

FdR 699203




PE 394.291

FdR 687646





PE 398.581

FdR 699206





PE 396.370

FdR 687652



PE 404.404

FdR 713621



Environment - Water  (Spain)




N°  <Titre>    260/2006 by Jacqueline Claire Cotterill (British), on behalf of the Association Vëins de Parcent, on breaches of EU law concerning the adoption of three Action Plans for urbanisation by local authorities in Alicante (Spain)</Titre

N°  535/2005 by Ann Oltra (British) on a large private property development in Spain

N°  617/2006 by Joaquin Aznar Reig (Spanish), on behalf of Asociación Fraynos, on failure of local authorities in Benasau (Alicante, Spain) to properly assert the environmental impact of the urban development plans approved in 2005 and 2006


N°  907/2006 by José Vincente Edo Váquez  (Spanish), on behalf of of the Agrupación de Intréres Urbanístico "Paraje Tos Pelat", on breaches of EC environmental legislation in relation to the approval of the Urban Development General Plan of Llíria (Comunidad deValencia) by local authorities


N°  926/2006 by Carlos Arribas Ugarte  (Spanish), on behalf of      ‘Federación Ecologistas en Acción del País Valenciano’, on alleged   breaches of EC Directive 92/43 following the approval of an urbanization           project in the vicinity of "Els Alforins" protected area (Valencia)


N°  993/2006 by Mr. Enrique Gonzalez Gonzalez (Spanish), on alleged irregularities in the approval of a construction project in Benidorm (Comunidad Valenciana)


N°  18/2007 by Ms Isabel Fernandez Sanchez (Spanish), on behalf of Amigos de la Canadas, on the negative impact of a project concerning the regeneration of the northern beach in Peníscola (Castelón, Valencia) on Marjal o Prat, a Natura 2000 protected area


PE 396.388

FdR 691184














PE 394.269

FdR 687623







PE 394.272

FdR 687626







PE 394.280

FdR 687634






PE 394.292

FdR 687647



"Illegal urbanization"  (Spain)




N°  13/2007</NPET> by Mr D. Wheeler (British), on problems related to buying a property in Catral (Alicante, Spain)



N°  254/2007 by Ms Jean Dudley and Mr Tony Dudley (British), on problems related to the acquisition of property in Catral (Spain)


N°  255/2007 by Mr Keith Partridge (British) on problems related to the acquisition of property in Catral (Spain)



N°  281/2007 by Christian Augenstein (German), on his problems with the purchase of property in Spain



N°  348/2007</NPET> by Mr Anthony T. Leworthy (British), on problems with his property in Catral (Spain)


N°  387/2007<NPET></NPET> by Ms Ann L. Kelly (British) on problems with his property in Catral (Alicante, Spain)


N°  389/2007<NPET></NPET> by Mr P.J. Hall (British) on problems with his property in Catral (Alicante, Spain)



N°  388/2007 by Mr Brent Gardner (British), on problems with his property in Catral (Alicante, Spain)


PE 392.336

FdR 679834



PE 398.522

FdR 698781






PE 400.338

FdR 702208



PE 398.553

FdR 699072









PE 400.358

FdR 702269



Urbanization  (Andalucia)




N°  310/2004 </NPET>by <AUTEUR>Patricia Ann Corsgreen</AUTEUR><NATIONALITE> (Irish and US citizen)</NATIONALITE><NBSIGN></NBSIGN> concerning seizure of land owned by foreigners in Spain



N°  732/2006 by Steve Pate and Laura Tinmurth (British), on financial losses caused by the local Council in Zurgena (Andalucía, Spain) issuing illegal building licences



N°  113/2007, by Mr Stephen Kimsey (British), on excessive charges asked for new infrastructure developments by the owner of Estepona Golf course (Malaga, Spain)



N°  120/2007 by D. M. (British), on violation of property rights and abusive development in Ronda (Andalucía)



N°  259/2007 by Mr Keith Baker (British), on unreasonable charges due for house-owners in Estepena-Malaga Province (Spain) for new unwanted infrastructure-related costs



N°  307/2007 by Mr Terence Philip Wayne (British), on behalf of Comunidad de Proprietarios de Valle Romano, on exorbitant infrastructure charges



N°  169/2006</NPET> by Ms María Eugenia Callejón de la Sal (Spanish), on behalf of Platforma en Defensa de Agua Amarga, on alleged breaches of the EC legislation on the protection of the environment following the approval by local authorities of Almería of an urbanisation project in the Natural Parc Cabo de Gata-Níjar (Almería)



N°  237/2007</NPET> by Marcos Bollesteros Galera (Spanish), on alleged breaches of EC Birds Directive (79/409/EEC) and Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) by local authorities in Andalucia



N°  300/2006</NPET> by María José Martínez González (Spanish), concerning the construction of apartments on Pozo del Esparto beach in Almeria



N°  694/2006</NPET> by Ms Rosa Maria Hennecke-Gramatzki and Francisco Montoya Joya (Spanish), on behalf of Colectivo Ornitológico Ciguena Negra, on stopping the construction of a residential complex with a golf camp in "El Algarrobo" (Algeciras - Campo de Gibraltar, Spain)



N°  760/2006</NPET> by Mrs. Rosa Maria Hennecke-Gramatzki (German), on the risks of damage to Palmones River wet area (Andalusia, Spain) as result of two EU-funded projects aiming to prevent flooding risks


PE 380.980

FdR 640245



PE 390.656

FdR 671972




PE 396.374

FdR 687656




PE 396.376

FdR 687658



PE 398.524

FdR 698783




PE 398.548

FdR 699067




PE 390.684

FdR 672001






PE 404.429

FdR 713868




PE 386.447

FdR 656925



PE 390.343

FdR 667825





PE 400.325

FdR 702170






N°  470/2006</NPET> by Juliana Chaves (Spanish), on behalf of 'Amics de la Tierra - Eivissa', bearing 10 849 signatures, on the environmental impact of the local authorities' motorway construction projects on Ibiza island


PE 390.693

FdR 672010






N°  255/2006 by Carlos Lumbreras Vicente (Spanish), on behalf of the 'Salamanca Ecologists in Action', on inadequate environmental impact surveys regarding 'La Covatilla' winter sports centre in Salamanca


PE 388.745

FdR 667753












B.             Petitions which it is proposed to close in the light of the Commission's written reply





N°  191/2006 by Margot and Manfred Zippel (German) concerning the alleged illegal discharge of dangerous substances by the Weißenburg District Authorities into fire extinguishing pools situated in the grounds of Schloss Syburg


PE 388.742/REV.

FdR 708622




N°  502/2006 by Maija Liisa Keränen (Swedish and Finnish), on calculation of her pension from respectively Sweden and Finland


PE 386.465/REV.

FdR 708644




N°  616/2006 by Dolores Prado Mendez (Spanish), on behalf of the 'Asociación Anticarbón y Medioambiental', and three co-signatories, with 3 signatures, on the harmful health and environmental effects of loading and unloading at the port of La Coruña


PE 392.313/REV.

FdR 708768




N°  660/2006by Albert Tan  (Dutch), on his problems with the Dutch social security authorities                                                                                  social security authorities <NPET>


PE 390.339/REV.

FdR 708769




N°  802/2006</NPET> by Mr Julio Rodriguez Cermeno (Spanish), on behalf of Asociación Emigrantes Espanoles Retornados de Asturias, on a ministerial decision which disregards the days of voluntary military service in the calculation of pension entitlements


PE 402.609

FdR 708842




N°  1005/2006</NPET> by Lech Ostrowski (Polish), on behalf of the Augustow District Tobacco Producers Association, and one co-signatory, seeking an extension of provisions regarding excise duties on cigarette retail prices in Poland







N°  339/2007</NPET> by Simeon Lefteriotis (Greek), on behalf of the 'Federation of Loaders and Unloaders of Greece', and one co-signatory, on implementation           in Greek law of European Parliament and Council Directive 2001/96/EC           establishing harmonised requirements and procedures for the safe loading and           unloading of bulk carriers


PE 402.614

FdR 708867




N°  373/2007 by  Ms Isabelle Borg (Maltese) on potential threats to the conservation of Floriana, a suburb of Valetta (Malta)







N°  506/2007</NPET> by Ioannis Baklatzis (Greek) on behalf of "Union of Regional Televisions of Greece", on terrestrial digital broadcasting in Greece <NPET>


PE 402.621

FdR 708902




N°  530/2007 by J.C (German), on inadequate after-sales service by Telecom Italia in connection with defective phone cards


PE 402.624

FdR 708905




N°  604/2007</NPET> by Fotios Iliopoulos (Greek), on the non-recognition in Greece of specialist training in orthodontics at a Romanian university <NPET>


PE 402.635

FdR 708916




N°  733/2007 by Horst Suchsland (German), on behalf of the 'Emsinitiative Störtebeker' for the protection and preservation of the River Ems, on the proposed deepening of the Ems between Leer and Emden and the failure to designate the Ems estuary as a protected area under the EC Habitats Directive


PE 402.642

FdR 708924


                                                                               o O o


64.  Date and place of next meeting[2]


[1].          In accordance with the committee’s decision of 30 September 1997, on the basis of working document PE 223.544, items in sections B of the draft agenda will not be discussed during the current meeting. However any member may ask before the end of the meeting for an item in section B to be moved to section A; it will then be automatically included in section A for discussion at a subsequent meeting.



[2].   The next meeting is scheduled for

     Monday, 26  May  2007 , at 3 p.m. and

     Tuesday,  27  May  2007, at 9 a.m.

       in Brussels.