Dear      Dear Members and Friends of AUN, 

We h     We have spent another year in the barricades. Even if everything that we wished for last December has not yet been      been achieved, we have had some very positive results:  

·         the third mission sent by the EP came to the Valencian community in February and its report criticizing the situation in Spain was adopted by a strong majority a few months later

·         as a a result of our complaint by AUN, the European Commission has denounced the the text and the application of the Valencian Land Laws to the Court of Justice in Luxembourg

·         our supporters were successful in getting seats in many town councils during the local elections in May of this year

·         the predatory practises under the Valencian Land Laws have been elevated to be a constant theme in the Valencian, Spanish and European media

·         the property market and therefore the construction related to uncontrolled ‘urbanismo’ have begun a serious collapse, despite foolish claims to the contrary from nervous politicians and constructors

·         although the causes of that collapse are many, AUN has played a significant role

·         the current ‘conseller’ of urbanismo having met with AUN has announced plans to rewrite and clarify Valencian planning laws, incorporating some of the demands made by the European authorities. 

In the year ahead, we want to build on the successes of 2007 and before. Each year, we grow stronger thanks to our members and supporters. AUN will demand that we be consulted in the process of streamlining and improving the land laws, not only because of who we are, but the principles we represent and the force we have become. 

AUN’s management team will work for the best for everyone in 2008 to safeguard the rights of small property owners so that their homes and gardens will remain theirs and that no one will be forced against their wills to cede property or pay undue amounts of money. Count on AUN to continue making its best efforts to ensure this. May you all have a Happy Yuletide Season and may we all enjoy more successes in 2008. 

Enrique Climent,Charles and Lisa Svoboda, Willy Hardee,  Raquel Paz, Joan Angel Ramos, Joan Josep Salvador, Stewart Muir, Begoña Piqueres, Julian Marcelo, Hubert Vockensperger and Dagmar Meyer




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